Q. Can you maintain my landscape after the final installation?

  A. Yes and No. We have a complete team of landscape professionals who can provide regular service on your property. Currently, we do not mow. A mowing service will need to be found to provide weekly service.   

Q. We want a lot done, but cannot afford to do it all now. Can you still work with us?

  A. Yes – it is not uncommon to do a project in phases, especially when there are such constraints as budget and time. Because we draw up our own plans, we can design a project to be installed in phases. Once the complete plan is established, the property owner can easily pick and choose which parts to be completed now and in the future.  

Q. What if I’m not ready for an installation and only need a landscape design or site consultation?

  A. We can provide anything from a complete on-site consultation to a complete landscape design and plan. Many people will use this as a reliable and cost-effective solution when exploring options and ideas before investing a large amount of time and expense into a project they might not be happy with in the end.