Q. Is there a fee for the initial consultation?

  A. No - We do not charge for the initial site visit. This is your opportunity to share your ideas and vision for your landscape project, start the process of design by discussing initial ideas, pin-point any landscape problems you are having, and get a scope of the overall size of scope. Plus this gives you the opportunity to meet us, learn more about our company, and ask questions.  

Q. Can you give me an estimate for my project during the initial consultation?

  A. Typically, No – Too often a landscape contractor will come to a site and immediately give a potential client a price without first knowing all the details of that project. Our first question is always, “What is this estimate based on?” Before making out a bid of any sort, we must first discuss all the work to be done, the planting and construction materials necessary, and the labor involved. Then we can present a more accurate estimate.  

Q. What phases of landscaping should be done first, and last?

  A. What we call 'hardscape' should be installed first – such as walkways, walls, stonework, patios, and such. Then will come all of the irrigation and electrical installation work, to be followed finally with landscape plantings, or ‘softscape.’  

Q. How can we plan a low-maintenance landscape?

  A. There are several ways to create a lush and lasting low maintenance landscape. Such as: installing smaller planting beds, filling the property with hardy plants and border color (such as perennials), applying a 3” layer of mulch to retain moisture, picking correct plants for the existing sun exposure, soil conditions, and water availability.  

Q. How long does a project usually take?

  A. Every property and client is different and therefore there is no set standard. The time required to complete a project relies completely on the amount of work which will be necessary. And the size of a property is not always a guide. Once a preliminary estimate is prepared, we will have a realistic estimate for project completion.  

Q. Can landscaping really add value to my home?

  A. Yes, absolutely - In recent years, there have been quite a few studies on this very subject. Here are just a few examples:

  • Bobvilla.com First impressions are as important for houses as they are for people. If you are considering selling, good landscape design can add up to 20% of value to your home.   
  • Michigan State University found that the perceived value of a home which is      landscaped nicely is improved by as much as 12%.
  • The Society of Real Estate Appraisers also feels a nicely landscaped home adds value and      actually causes homes to sell more quickly.   
  • The U.S. Forest Service found that just trees alone can add 3% to 7% to the value of a home.